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Por Tu Amor


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(1999) - Gabriela Spanic, Saúl Lisazo

Summary of Por Tu Amor

Everything is very quiet and peaceful in the city of San Carlos, until there arrives a man called Marco Duran. His presence in the community will initiate a lot of changes. Maria del Cielo is a beautiful young woman with a great heart, whose strong personality wakes up the admiration of a good looking millionaire Marco Duran. She is the woman he has always dreamed of. However, for Maria del Cielo he is nothing more than an intruder who has arrived to ruin the calm life of San Carlos with his money, and she does not hide the contempt she feels towards him, even though the circumstances force her to marry him. Love, desire and passion in all forms are the forces that motivates this exciting story, where "each personage should search at the very bottom of his heart the truth about his feelings": the sacrifice of Maria del Cielo to save a good reputation of her sister and family, the innocent devotion of Briza to the only man whom she should never love, the weakness of Sergio which leads him to committing an unforgivable act that will always persecute him, the anxiety of Raquel before a secret, that she believed was buried in the past, returned back into her life...


Gabriela Spanic .... Maria Del Cielo Montalvo / Aurora - main heroine and her mother
Saúl Lisazo .... Marco Durán - main hero
Gerardo Murguía .... Dr. Sergio Zambrano - husband of Brisa, in love with Cielo
Roberto Vander .... Don Nicolas Montalvo - father of Cielo and Brisa
Irán Eory .... Mama Paz - grandmother of Cielo and Brisa
Katie Barberi .... Miranda Narvaiz - girlfriend of Marco, villain
Margarita Magaña .... Brisa Montalvo - sister of Cielo
Joaquín Cordero .... Lazaro Robledo - friend and partner of Marco
Guillermo Aguilar .... Padre Ponciano
Mauricio Aspe .... Rene Iguerras - brother of Agustín
Roberto Ballesteros .... Sandro Valle - ex-lover of Alma
Claudio Báez .... Luciano Iguerras - father of Rene and Agustín, ex-husband of Alma
Aitor Iturrioz .... Agustín - brother of Rene
Isaura Espinoza .... Alejandra Robledo - old love of Lazaro
Gerardo Albarrán .... Julián - suitor of Cielo, villain
Graciela Estrada .... Petra
Daniel Gauvry .... Maricio Torres
Rosita Bouchot .... Azucena
Gabriela Goldsmith .... Sonia Narvaiz - sister of Miranda
Alfonso Iturralde .... Rafael Luevano - in love with Alma
Norma Lazareno .... Adelaida Zambrano - mother of Sergio
Melba Luna .... Hilaria
Carlos Monden .... Arq. Leoncio Ariza - old love of Mama Paz, real father of Nicolas
Maleni Morales .... Carlota
Lourdes Munguía .... Alma Ledesma / Myra Rivas - mother of Agustín
Adriana Nieto .... Abigail Parra - friend of Brisa and illegitimate daughter of Marco
Jorge Poza .... David Parra - half-brother of Abigal
Lourdes Reyes .... Marife - friend of Brisa
Vicky Rodel .... Olga
Yadira Santana .... Raquel Parra - mother of Abigal and David
Sergio Sánchez .... Don Eliseo
Irma Torres .... Bruja
Ramiro Torres .... Jesús - brother of Marife
Marlene Favela
Ricardo Chavez .... Actor in theatre
Leticia Aguilar
Ismael Larumbe
Bibelot Mansur
Marifer Martinez
Tania Mendoza
Gustavo Negrete .... Arquiteto Monroy
Javier Ortiz .... Pablo
Claudia Palacios .... Rosalba
Carlos Bracho .... Luevano
Angeles Balvanera
Claudia Canedo
Pilar Escalante .... Hilda
Jose Antonio Estrada
Jose Roberto Hill
Jaime Puga
Deborah Reyes
Fatima Torre .... Flor
Raul Valerio
Raul Vega
Sergio Villicana
Jacqueline Voltaire
Sergio Zaldivar

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)
Gabriela Ortigoza (adaptation)
Ricardo Fiallega (script)
Juan Carlos Tejeda (script)

Song "Por Tu Amor"
Singer: Charlie Zaa

Film Editing by
Alfredo Juárez

Cinematography by
Roberto Soldevilla
Gilberto Macín

Directed by
Lili Garza
Luis Eduardo Reyes

Produced by
María de Jesús Arellano
Angelli Nesma Medina



"Por tu amor" is a remake of telenovela "El Otro".


thanks to Kris, California
Despite of the success that this telenovela apparently had overseas, it was nothing special. Yes, it was cute and kind of refreshing, at least there were no poor girls dreaming of millionaires, no abandoned kids, no memory lost etc... But at the same time there were no passion, no chemistry, no intrigue ... like a chewing gum. Plus, the below average acting of almost all cast members. Some plot lines remind me of the "Gone with the wind": a capricious but strong Cielo (Scarlett) is in love (or she thinks she is in love??) with a sluggish Sergio (Ashley), while handsome and energetic Marco (Rhett Butler) is fighting for her love in a very strange manner: by making her think that he is worse than he is in reality. And when she finally realizes that it's Marco whom she is really in love with, it's too late. The only difference is that Gaby Spanic is no way Vivien Leigh and Saul Lisazo is no way Clark Gable... well, and Gabriela Ortigoza is no way Margaret Mitchell! I would rate this novela "5".


- by anonymous
En Mexico "Por Tu Amor" tiene como record un alto rating de audiencia en su primer capitulo.. que ninguna novela en los 90"2 consiguió..

- by anonymous
It's my favorite telenovela. I thought the dialogue between Marko and Sielo was extremely funny and refreshing. It was a pleasure to watch this telenovela.

- by Lucas from Brazil
Una tontería! La historia si, es buena, pero los escritores no supo escreverla! Gaby Spanic y Saul Lisazo fueron una pareja linda, lo mejor de la telenovela, pero... estuvieron muy apagados! Que malo...

- by anonymous
En panamá se estreno en Julio del año 2000, pero en el 2004 se retransmitio en el horario de la 9:30 a.m.

- by Miguel
Soy argerntino pero vi la telenovela en optro pais, puesto que por asuntos de trabajo no estoy en mi pais. Puedo decir que POR TU AMOR, fue para mi extraordinariamente una telenovela que me gusto muchisimo. Gabriela Spanic actuo muy muy bien, yo diria exelente, ha tenido mucho exito tambien en los comentarioas, aqui en Madrid.


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Por Tu Amor

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