. But please read these FAQ's BEFORE emailing me! Si usted no habla ingles, por favor utilize un traductor: (http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=es).

Frequently asked questions:

  • Question: Is this an official site, do you represent any company or organization (like Televisa, Univision etc...?)

Answer: No. I don't work for any production company, TV station or news media. I am just a telenovela fan. I do have my own personal tastes and priorities though. I like Mexican telenovelas, particularly of Televisa, that's why the site is 99% about it, but that doesn't mean I represent Televisa or Univision.

  • Question: Where did you get your information from?

Answer: The basic information I got from IMDB, and after that it was TOTALLY from people's submissions. I didn't do any researches on my own. The idea of this site was the following: I offered my time, money, dedication and computer knowledge and in return my visitors offered their knowledge of telenovelas and farandula subject. I only did some technical work of simply publishing the information that my visitors sent to me.

  • Question: Are you sure all information on this site is correct?

Answer: Absolutely not! As I said above, all information is sent to me by visitors, in most cases - anonymously. I received TONS of submissions every day and I couldn't possibly check those for correctness. I published the information "as is" (unless something is obviously not true). But the good news is that most of the submitters did an excellent job and provided me with true information.

  • Question: Why is this site in English?

Answer: Many reasons. First: there are so many good Spanish sites out there, not to mention the official ones, like Esmas and Univision. Second: my advertisers demand that the site has to be written in English. Third: the English site has a better chance to be noticed by the folks in the movie industry. The last but not least: both English and Spanish are the foreign languages to me :)

  • Question: If I send a message to an actor or actress, will it be forwarded?

Answer: No way!! It will automatically end up in a garbage can. I don't have any connection with any actor or actress!!! In most cases I don't even know their emails or any other contact information! But even if I do, I don't have a right to bother them with letters from fans. Remember, when you are sending a celebrity email to my email address, you are basically sending it to nowhere, into the open space, and you'll never get a reply! :)

  • Question: Where can I buy telenovelas?

Answer: I have no idea! Please visit my Marketplace. If it's not there, than I don't know, please don't ask, I'm not going to reply to that question. You should always keep in mind though: the full copies of telenovelas taped from TV are ILLEGAL. It is against the law to sell and buy those copies and by doing so you can be easily taken to the court.

  • Question: Is the information on this site copyrighted?

Answer: Some is, some isn't. Please refer to Copyright page to find out what is copyrighted and what is not.

  • Question: How can I add information to this site?

Answer: Unfortunately, the submissions section is closed. I am currently working on another site, it's the online dating site and it takes up all my time (to be honest, I have to pay my bills too, and dating topic pays back much better than entertainment & telenovelas topic!), so I'll not be able to update this site for quite a while. Soon I'll set up a forum where you'll be able to submit all your comments. But I do believe that during these years I collected enough valuable information to build a quality site for you to enjoy now.

  • Question: I want you to send me photos, I need summary, I want to know who sang that song or played that part etc...

Answer: I am sorry, I cannot provide you with any kind of that information. As I said before, all information on this site was submitted by visitors. If some information is blank or missing (summary, theme song, technical crew, who played whom etc...), that means I don't know and nobody provided me with that information.

  • Question: I would like to exchange links with your site. Is it possible?

Answer: If your site has something to do with telenovelas, please place a link back to Alma Latina (http://www.alma-latina.net), then e-mail me and I'll include your link. If your site has nothing to do with the topic, sorry!!! I don't exchange links just to raise up my Google PR.

Thanks for your attention and once again, . Be nice, don't be rude and don't demand anything though. All rude or demanding e-mails will go straight in the garbage. Please remember that I DO NOT OWE ANYTHING TO ANYBODY and I am under no obligation to do or update this site anyway.

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