Valeria y Maximiliano

Valeria y Maximiliano


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(1991) - Leticia Calderón, Juan Ferrara

Summary of Valeria y Maximiliano

Valeria is beautiful, willful and completely in love with her sister Dulce's boyfriend, Patricio. Maximiliano is a family friend, a high-handed and high-powered businessman who is also madly in love with Valeria. But she only has eyes for Patricio and when he stops her from interrumpting her sister's wedding, a war of love and hate breaks out between them. Valeria, however, is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea when her family is devastated financially following a fraud perpetrated by an employee who had been romantically rejected by Valeria. She will make a brave effort to rescue her family from this unexpected turn of events. But primarily, she will do the impossible to avoid asking for help from the one person who can really save them: Maximiliano...
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Leticia Calderón .... Valeria Landero
Juan Ferrara .... Maximiliano Riva
Marco Muñoz .... Román de la Fuente
Arturo Peniche .... Patricio del Val
Ana Colchero .... Susana Landero
Cecilia Gabriela .... Dulce Landero
Gina Romand .... Mercedes Ramos
Rubén Rojo .... Julio Souberville
Rosa Arenas .... Blanca Landero
Carlos Bracho .... Miguel Landero
Claudio Obregón .... Ernesto Ramos
Magda Guzmán .... Eugenia Landero
Jorge Salinas .... Damián Souberville
Hugo Acosta .... Alberto
Odiseo Bichir
Israel Jaitovich
Luis Uribe
Daniela Durán  .... Angélica
Magda Karina .... Lidia
Pepe Kuke .... Salvador
Hector Parra .... Jose
Vivan Gray .... Lucy
Georgina Pedret

Writing cerdits
Nora Alemán (original story)
Angel Domínguez (script)
Lorena Salazar (script)
Eduardo Quiroga (script)

Song "Donde Andará el Amor"
Singing: Denise de Kalafe

Set Decoartion
Eneida Rojas

Luis Vélez

Cinematography by
Jesús Blanco

Directed by
Carlos Guerra

Produced by
Carlos Sotomayor
Rafael Urestegui (associated producer)



- by anonymous
Buen refrito de "LO QUE EL VIENTO SE LLEVO". Inolvidable cuando el villano "ROMAN" asesinaba a balazos a su esposa embarazada "SUSANA" personificada por ANA COLCHERO. Escalofriante!

- by anonymous
Me parecio una novela estupenda, ya que el odio-amor que reflejan los personajes principales hace que la historia no sea un melodrama comun.

- by anonymous
It's a wonderful telenovela I liked it so much. Maxmiliano and Valeria were great characters it was nice that they ended 2gether but I didn't want Dulce and Salvador to die they were so kind.

- by Rodrigo E. L.
Esta telenovela se transmitio en 1992 y fue uno de las tres mejores ese año, estubo nominada a mejor telenovela compitiendo con De frente al sol y Maria Mercedes.

- by anonymous
I like this novela, it actually reminded me a lot of the famous movies "Gone with the Wind", i first saw it during the early 90s and saw it again very recently. Leticia Calderon is just marvellous, i love her. I think that Calderon is very good in playing strong personalities.

- by anonymous
Televisa prepara una nueva version que llavara el nombre de herida de amor sera de corte juvenil-clasico y saldra al aire cuando acabe rebelde o piel de otoño.


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Valeria y Maximiliano

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