El retrato de Dorian Gray

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(1969) - Enrique Alvarez Felix, Carmen Montejo

Summary of El retrato de Dorian Gray

This telenovela tells the story of Dorian Gray, a young intelligent and handsome man. A friend paints a picture of him. He is astonished by his own physical beauty and he says to himself that in order to conserve his youth, he is even able to sell his soul to the devil. Magically, it is heard and it will be his portrait that will undergo the decay. Dorian Gray will submerge himself in sins, will commit crimes, but his physical appearance will remain unalterable. Instead, his portrait will age. At the end Dorian dies in front of his picture and they exchange places: now the dead Dorian is the aged monster and the picture will return its beauty and youth.


Enrique Alvarez Felix .... Dorian Gray
Carmen Montejo
Blanca Sánchez
Carlos Bracho
Nelly Meden

Writing credits
Oscar Wilde (original story)

Directed by
Ernesto Alonso

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



- by anonymous
Me recuerdo que por ese tiempo tenía como siete años, y me impresionaba ver el retrato envejecido, me daba miedo. Mis hermanos se reian. Pero según me cocmentaba mama, era una buena actuacion la de Enrique.


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El retrato de Dorian Gray

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