Johnny Lozada

Johnny Lozada


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Name: Johnny Lozada Correa
Date of Birth: December 21, 1967
City: Caguas
Country: Puerto Rico
Marital status: married
Spouse: Sandra Melendez
Children: Felipe, Natalia, Thalia, and Jan Gabriel
Previous occupation: was a member of the group "Menudo" (1980-1984), which Ricky Martin joined later on. Also at the beginning of 90s was a member of trio Proyecto M
Other facts: has his own business: Car Wash Auto Service San Patricio
Occupation: actor, singer


"Mision S.O.S." (2004) Telenovela .... Gonzalo Ortega
"Big Brother VIP Mexico 3" (2004) Show .... Himself
"Escandalo TV" (2004) Show .... Host
"Cómplices al rescate" (2002) Telenovela .... Sebastián
"Amigas y rivales"
(2001) Telenovela .... Johnny


"Más mucho más" (Menudo)
"Menudo es navidad" (Menudo)
"Fuego" (Menudo)
"Es por amor" (Menudo)
"A todo rock" (Menudo - 1983)
"Quiero ser" (Menudo - 1982)
"Una Aventura llamada Menudo" (Menudo - 1982)


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Johnny Lozada: 'Trabajar con niños y animalitos es un privilegio'
¡Qué monas amistades!
Ex Menudo Johnny Lozada, avanza a paso firme en México
Johnny Lozada participa por primera vez en telenovela mexicana

Johnny Lozada

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